Thursday, February 23, 2017

Caraga RAFC Chair Advocates Agripreneurship

Caraga Region RAFC Chair Pedro Lim in an interview
Agriculture is business!

This is how the newly elected chairperson Pedro Lim of the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Council (RAFC) in Caraga wants the farmers to perceive.

Lim, an agricultural machine fabricator said that the only way a farmer to be successful is to treat his work as business.

“Farmers should have to level-up their mindset from a mere producer to a processor,” he said.

He said that instead of a farmer confined himself to planting, harvesting and selling raw produce; they should have to venture into value adding that commands higher price, wider marketing edge thus ensuring higher return of investments.

He also stressed the importance of time and financial management.

“For example a farmer plants corn, it is not daily the farmer need to attend his farm so why not utilize other days for another venture to be more productive rather just wait until harvesting time,” he emphasized.

He also lauded the Department of Agriculture Caraga for spearheading the crafting of regional roadmap of major commodities in Caraga as an effective tool in program planning and policy direction.

He is confident that if all stakeholders in the agricultural sector both from private and government will work closely, agricultural development is just within reach.

RAFC is a private sector-led consultative council toward the formulation of sound policy and program recommendations for sustained countryside agricultural and fishery development. (Aurelius P. Arais/DA Caraga)