Friday, February 8, 2019

DA Conducts Rice Corn Blend Sensory Test

No dominant  aroma, enough stickiness, and  balanced taste.

These are the traits that makes 50:50 ratio of rice corn blend (RCB) a preferred choice based on the result of the sensory evaluation conducted by the Research Division of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Caraga during the CY 2018 Corn Program Year-End Review and Assessment recently.
The sensory evaluation was participated by 51 respondents composed of 15 male and 36 female who are mostly local government unit based -agricultural extension workers and DA Region staff.
Participants were asked to choose their preferred ratio of cooked rice and corn in terms of tenderness and moistness, stickiness, and aroma and flavor. Ratio samples were 30% rice and 70% corn, 50:50 or equal ratio of rice and corn, and 70% rice and 30% corn.
The 50:50 ratio which means equal volume of rice and corn dominates across the 3 attributes.

Agriculturist Benjie Duque of Research Division who facilitated the sensory evaluation said that based on observation, the three different rice and corn mixure had varied cooking time. Each sample mixture was cooked wth the same amount of water in 3 separate rice cooker. 
“The 30:70 ratio cooked at 21 minutes, 50:50 cooked at 23 minutes, while 70:30 was 25 minutes ,”  Duque said.
RCB is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the PhilMaize Federation to encourage Filipinos to eat white corn to help the country attain food sufficiency and enjoy the health benefits corn has to offer.
Corn has low glycemic index hence good for diabetics and health conscious individuals. (Aurelius P. Arais/DA Caraga)