Monday, April 7, 2014

DA Searches Corn Quality Achievers: Now on its Second Year

Quantity and quality of produce is the utmost priority of the Department of Agriculture (DA) nowadays.

Thus, DA thru the AgriPinoy Corn Program is now on its second year of eyeing more achievers for this year’s Corn Quality Achievers Awards.

In its quest to bring Caraga into limelight once again; the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 13 met the prospective local government units who will vie for the national level to guide them in packaging their entries.

Last year, Caraga Region garnered a total of eight awards across all five categories.

This year’s search for Corn Quality Achievers has been expanded with more categories and with more exciting prizes.

The National Quality Corn Achievers Awards shall be given to the top 5 LGU provinces, 25 cities and or municipalities, 5 provincial corn coordinators, 25 municipal and or city corn coordinators, 100 agricultural extension workers and the new categories; 5 provincial agriculturists, 25 municipal agriculturists and outstanding regional corn teams.

Individual winners will received cash award and plaque while the winning LGU shall be in the form of projects such as infrastructures, farm equipments, post harvest facilities and machineries and or other relevant projects with a total prizes at stake of more than 43 million pesos.

For LGU category, judging will be based on technical requirements such as the corn grain samples shall comply with maximum aflatoxin level of 50 ppb and minimum Grade No. 3 as per Quality Grade Requirements on Shelled Corn of the Philippine National Standards for Grains-Corn.

For yield, must have an annual average corn yield for the past three years of at least 3.5 metric tons per hectares (mt/ha) for yellow and 1.5 mt/ha for white.

For province, it must have a minimum of 5,000 ha (effective) or 2,500 ha (physical) devoted to corn farming while for city or municipal category, must have 400 ha (effective) or minimum of 200 ha (physical) devoted corn farming.  

The level of aflatoxin and other quality parameters shall be based on the data obtained during the contest duration.

Awarding for the national winners is tentatively set on October 2014 during the 10th National Corn Congress to be held in Cagayan de Oro City.
The DA Corn Quality Award aims to recognize the achievement of top performing LGUs with outstanding contribution to the corn industry; encourage strong DA-LGU partnership in the production of quality corn; and sustain awareness of the LGUs to the Agri-Pinoy Corn Program and Activities of the Department of Agriculture. (Aurell P. Arais/ Info Section DA CARAGA)


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