Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Distribution of Military Reservation for Landless Sought

By: Aurell P. Arais

Newly proclaimed senator elect Juan Miguel Zubiri eyed military reservations as one of the way to solve huge number of landless people.

Zubiri said that in Bukidnon alone around 42,000 hectares of land are classified military reservation.

A classic example is in Sitio Kibaritan, Brgy. Mahinay, Kalilangan wherein a number of farmers are in threat to be demolished from the land they tilted as it is said within a military reservation.

His father Governor Jose Maria Zubiri Jr. endorsed such move, during his oath of office last July 16, this year and outrightedly approved by the senator elect and vowed to pursue such idea.

“Why not divide the military reservations to the landless. These exists not only here in Bukidnon but all over the country”, Governor Zurbiri reiterated.

For his part, senator elect Zubiri said that he will lobby to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to issue a presidential proclamation to identify the only area suited and much needed for military purposes and the rest of the land will be distributed to the landless.


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