Sunday, December 3, 2006

Agri Department Endorses Organic Farming

By: Aurell P. Arais

Malaybalay City - The Deparment of Agriculture Bukidnon Provincial Office launched recently an advocacy for the farmers to promote organic farming dubbed as Tipid Abono Program.

It was learned from Estilita Madjos, Bukidnon, assistant provincial agriculture officer that organic farming is a great advantage not only in terms of income but on environment as well.

In comparison according to Madjos, using organic and inorganic fertilizers yield almost the same quantity of harvest, but it has a big difference on quality of harvest since inorganic rated as low to medium but organic is medium to high; using inorganic is so costly for the farmers since fertilizers nowadays were so expensive while organic fertilizers costs less; and inorganic is so high on toxicity level while organic is non toxic at all so it is a great help to the environment through beneficial insects and pollinators.

Madjos said they have trained personnel ready to conduct training for free for interested farmers who would like to learn all about organic farming here in Bukidnon.

“Any farmers who are willing to undergo training they just coordinate to their municipal agriculture officer”, she added.

Part also of the campaign to persuade the farmers to refrain from burning the rice stalks after harvesting since aside from emitting pollution to the atmosphere, the nutrients is wasted, so much better to de-compost and use it as fertilizer.

She appealed also to the lawmakers to mold an ordinance prohibiting burning of rice stalks to encourage composting of wastes from rice fields.

Madjos foresee that if all farmers will switch to organic farming, five years from now more or less there are no more chemical based fertilizers since the natural nutrient of the land will return.


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